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Today Gold Price Per Tola in Pakistan 24K 10 Gram Rates 2022

Today Gold Price Per Tola in Pakistan 24K 10 Gram Rates 2022
Latest gold rate in Pakistan

Gold is a synonym for pure, wonderful, and expensive. Gold is widely used as jewelry in our subcontinental culture and is in high demand during the wedding season. If you are thinking of making gold jewelry, find the latest gold prices in Pakistan in terms of its purity, either 18, 20, 22, or 24 carats.

Gold prices can vary depending on various factors such as demand, interest rates, state taxes, gold traders, bullion associations, transportation costs, fictitious charges, and so on. Gold is a popular source of investment all over the world, especially in Pakistan.

What is the gold per tola rate in Pakistan today?

Gold price in Pakistan is Rs. 129,400 as of the latest update on April 13, 2022 

Gold Rate

24K Gold

22K Gold

21K Gold

18K Gold

per Tola Gold

Rs. 129400

Rs. 118616

Rs. 113225

Rs. 97050

per 10 Gram

Rs. 110940

Rs. 101694

Rs. 97073

Rs. 83205

per Gram Gold

Rs. 11094

Rs. 10169

Rs. 9709

Rs. 8321

Gold in Pakistan

Gold has been widely used in Pakistan for many years, many women in Pakistan are likely to use gold as their accessories while others will use it as a viable source of investment. However, if we talk about gold prices in Karachi, the price of gold accumulates in the London bullion market, and sometimes through the IMF, they have the only option to set the quality of gold and its price. Was

In addition, the price of gold is not fixed and fluctuates from time to time as a number of factors depend on it. The gold rate in Pakistan today is always high because the Pakistani rupee has always been considered a low currency compared to other world currencies. Similarly, if we look at the history of Gold Price Pakistan, the rate in Pakistan has never been stable and the fact is that Pakistan is facing a severe economic crisis and severe inflation.

In addition, the rate of gold is greatly affected by certain determinations which are as follows.

Gold Price Factors

At present, the price of gold will affect Pakistan and other world markets due to the following factors.

* When global demand for gold increases, the price will eventually rise.

* When the supply of gold from the market decreases because the central banks have their own reserves, the price of gold will also increase.

* When interest rates rise, so does the gold rate.

* When the dollar is up, the price of gold also goes up, because they are closely linked.

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